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19th Seoul Music Awards - rankings (January 1, 2010)

Got this from : Daily KPOP News

2.Super Junior- 26.8%
5.Gdragon- 8.1%
8.FT Island2%
9.KARA- 0.6%
10.Lee Seung Gi-0.5%
11. Kim Tae Woo- 0.5%
12. Brown Eyed Girls-0.4%
13. Park Hyo Shin- 0.4%
14.8eight- 0.3%
15. Outsider- 0.2%
16.U-Kiss- 0.2%
17.Davichi- 0.1%
18.Baek Ji Young- 0.1%
19. Son Dambi- 0.1%
20.MC Mong- 0.1%
21.SGWannabe- 0.1%
22.Ivy- 0.1%
23.Leessung- 0.1%
24.Bobby Kim- 0.1%
25.Epik high- 0%
26.Wheesung- 0%
27.K Will- 0%
28. Im Changjung- 0%
29. Lee Seung Chul- 0%

As you can see , 2PM is leading . Super Junior and SNSD are also part of the TOP 3!

reblog with your favorite super junior couple/s..


1.sichul- siwon and heechul
2.kangteuk- kangin and leeteuk
3.eunmin- eunhyuk and sungmin
4.kihae- kim kibum and donghae
5.eunteuk- eunhyuk and leeteuk
6.minwook- sungmin and ryeowook
7.eunhae- eunhyuk and donghae
8.hansiwon- hankyung and siwon
9.kangmin- kangin and sungmin
10.wonki- siwon and kim kibum
11.kyuwook-kyuhyun and ryeowook
12.dongchul- shindong and heechul
13.yeki- yesung and kim kibum
14.hankyu- hankyung and kyuhyun
15.kichul- kim kibum and heechul
16.yeshin- yesung and shindong
17.chulteuk- heechul and leeteuk
18.wookhae- ryeowook and donghae
19. hanchul- hankyung and heechul
20.kyumin- kyuhyun and sungmin
21. sihae- siwon and donghae
22. yewook- yesung and ryeowook
23.kangchul- kangin and heechul
24. shinteuk- shindong and leeteuk

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